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Title is Important -
The title of your advert is particularly important so try to include as much relevant information here as possible. Not only will this improve your visibility in the listings on, it will also increase your chances of your advert being prominently placed on Google and other search engines.

Go insane on the description
there's no limit on the number of words you can use on Explain why you bought it, the features, the benefits, the colour, the size, the condition, whatever you think might be useful.

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Set the start price at the lowest price you will accept with comparison to the market pricing as well. By doing this, there is a high possibility of selling your item(s) as fast as possible. Buyers do not like to pay higher than what is worth of the item(s).

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adverts with photos consistently get a better response than those without. You can add up to ten photos completely free of charge.

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